How Safe Is Your Flea And Tick Medication.

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How Safe Is Your Flea And Tick Medication.

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The FDA has issued a warning for anyone using flea and tick medications on their pets.

Over the past five years there have been 1600 deaths of pets from flea and tick medications and over the past year alone 44,000 incidents were reported. All the products involved in these reports contained the pesticide pyrethrins or the synthetic version of it called pyrethoids. The severity of each reported incidence ranged from hair loss to death.

The EPA is looking into the multitude of complaints filed by not only consumers but also by veterinarians and others in the pet industry.

Of the complaints filed, 80% of them were from products that were purchased over the counter. The majority of the complaints however showed that the products were misused. You must apply the correct dosage for the correct species or you will certainly be taking the risk of harming your pet.

Another precaution in using these topical products is that your other pets may lick product off each other which can most certainly cause ill effects. The same applies to families with children. I always make it a habit to apply of these products at nighttime when I know the pets will all be laying down to sleep and not playing or being touched by anyone.

The EPA announced in April that it will be looking at the over the counter as well as the Veterinarian sold products to see if they need to tighten the restrictions on their use to help protect the pets.

For additional information or a list of the EPA registered spot on flea and tick products you can visit their site at ... ntrol.html

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With the recent news stories about flea and tick medications I was searching online and found a product called Cedarcide that was supposedly developed for use by our troops overseas. This product is supposed to be nontoxic and safe for pets as well as humans. If anyone has had experience with it please send me a msg as I'm thinking of purchasing it. Thanks

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